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The Hill DT™ Spinal Decompression Table

Hill DT Decompression Therapy Table

Unmatched technology means less guarding and dramatically better outcomes

Decompression Table ComputerThe Hill DT table employs sophisticated load sensor technology which constantly measures and monitors the treatment force and patient-resistance of every treatment. At a rate of over 10,000 pulses per millimeter, the Hill DT actually senses the patient’s approaching threshold and reduces the pull. This means that the Hill DT provides low-force, smooth decompression in a completely different class from cable-based systems. It also means dramatically better outcomes because the patient experiences far less muscle-guarding—a common problem with other designs. In most cases using the HIll DT, the patient is able to painlessly leave the table within seconds and with very little soreness to follow. (See Patient Testimonial Video)

Fast, secure set-up means relaxed patients and happy staff

NSSD Decompression ComputerThe Hill DT is easier to set up than other decompression tables, saving valuable time for your staff and stopping ‘Do-Overs’ often caused by the slipping belts of other designs. This makes for a relaxed atmosphere that's more conducive for effective treatment. Eight touchscreen-controlled decompression presets makes treatment selection simple for you with controls for entering and saving custom patient settings.

Onsight expert training means you hit the ground running

Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression TrainingExpert training and certification is part of the Hill DT Spinal Decompression Package. HillDT docs are the best in the business, have years of experience and passionate about decompression for their own patients and practice. Train with others at a central location or a HillDT Doctor will come to you. Afterwards, you're support continues. Reach out to a HillDT Doc at anytime with questions or collaborate with others on the HillDT Online Network.

Better outcomes means higher income

Referrals are the key to any growing practice and doctors treating with the Hill DT get more referrals because their patients get great results. This also means you get a faster and better return on your investment with the Hill DT.

Hill DT Decompression Therapy Table

First Impressions.

From the outside, the design of the Hill DT Decompression Therapy Table reveals the beauty of simplicity with the signature Hill framework. A natural blend of function and form. The result is the ultimate first impression. The stunning 10.1 inch HD touch-screen features a slim profile. This virtual command center can be moved and secured to either side of the head end of the table. Carefully hand-sewn, the look and feel of the puncture resistant upholstery is both comfortable and sustainable. The base and internal structure of the table are fully enclosed for safety and electrostatically powder coated, assuring a hard finish that won't wear or rust.

At the Core.

Decompression Table TopThe authentic BIT™ System (Bio-Intuitive Technology) in the Hill Decompression Therapy Table was developed to continually measure and respond in milliseconds to each individual patient. As each of the seven sensors cycles back to the core processor, the table automatically corrects itself if needed, delivering consistent and smooth decompression force. The top frame of the table is engineered to interact effortlessly with this sensitivity. Self-maintained linear roller bearings distribute force with the perfect combination of awareness, confidence and accuracy.