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The Hill DT™ Touchscreen & Software

HD Touchscreen Control

Intuitive Controls that Empower.

One glance at the Microsoft Surface Pro™ Tablet powered by Windows 8 will have you tingling with possibilities. The 16:9 widescreen, ClearType full HD display with 1080p resolution is touch-sensitive and can be navigated quickly using the tap of your finger or the supplied digital pen. The 64 GB Anti-Shock Hard Drive and 4 GB High Speed Memory provide more than ample power to run the custom designed Hill DT Software. When in the right hands, it performs with amazing results. The versatility of the Surface also allows Doctors to connect to the internet, play videos and install any Windows platform applications, such as patient education applications.

The Decompression Software.

The Hill DT comes installed with its own custom software. With the ability to control and change the settings including table height, treatment program, pelvic or cervical angle, decompression force and treatment time, the Hill DT application is versatile enough to accomodate any treatment protocol.

Single / Dual Treatment

Single or Dual Treatments

Different symptoms require different treatments. That’s why the Hill DT software comes with two treatment types, a single treatment or a dual treatment. With the dual treatment option, you can pre-program two consecutive treatments, touch the run button and let the Hill DT do the rest of the work.

Treatment Program

Treatment Programs

The Hill DT comes with eight treatment programs that are designed with efficiency and variety. Each program has their own characteristics and can treat any decompression candidate.

Real-time Streaming Data

Real-time Streaming Data

It’s a good thing to know what your equipment is doing during an automated treatment. The Hill DT Software brings that awarness and displays real-time streaming data of the treatment time, cycle time and decompression force. That way you know what is happening, when it is happening.

Patient Database

Patient Database and Treatment History

The Hill DT software comes with a database application that can store a history of treatments. The database can be sorted by Doctor or Patient ID and transfered easily through a wireless network to your office computers, opening with any spreadsheet software.

Patient Decompression Safety

Patient Safety and Audio Signal

The Hill Decompression Table comes with a patient safety switch that immediatly cancles the treatment if pressed. At the end of a treatment the touchscreen also has a built in audio speaker to alert the doctor or assistant when the treatment has ended.


Remote Updating and Troubleshooting

The Hill DT software can be remotely diagnosed and updated directly by our technical department through your Wi-Fi network. If there are updates or improvements made to the application, installation is fast and easy.