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About Hill Laboratories Company

Hill Laboratories Chiropractic Tables

Hill Laboratories Company is a family owned business since 1945. Starting in the late 1930’s, Benjamin Hill and his son Ben started a business in search of therapeutic treatment methods for elderly, arthritic patients. They experimented with several ideas with varying levels of success until they eventually developed the Hill Anatomotor Traction Table. The Hills found that their new invention brought real relief for certain arthritic symptoms but what really surprised them was the interest that therapists and doctors began to take in their table for treating several other common and chronic conditions. Within a few years, the Hill Anatomotor established a trusted name in the realm of therapeutic healthcare and non-surgical treatment.

In 1967, at the young age of 19, Howard A. Hill became president of the family business when his father died suddenly. This marked the beginning of the companies’ third generation. Howard immediately went to work, spending the next several years exploring new avenues and cultivating new markets for the now respected Hill Anatomotor. Then in 1987, in response to customer suggestions, Mr. Hill introduced the first ‘Hill Adjustable’ treatment table that was a simple and affordable, electric-adjustable-height treatment table.

Doctors loved it...and began to request special modifications and an ever expanding array of new configurations and options. By the mid 1990’s the Hill Adjustable concept had exploded into a complete line of medical and chiropractic treatment tables.

Howard’s nephew, Brady Aller created Hill Therapeutics division in 2000, and Howard’s son Benjamin Hill joined the company in 2009. The longevity and continued success of Hill Laboratories is a testimony to the value of great products and personal customer service...values that serve as a hallmark for many generations to come.

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