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    Why Patients Stop Treatment
    A doctor or therapist can’t predict what pull poundage will cause a bad reaction to the pull, because it is different for each individual patient. But, the Hill DT table can! It can sense when that threshold is approached by the patient and reduces the pull. Is it worth the extra money to have a patient not quit treatment and ask for their money back because of the spasm they had for two days as the result of a bad pull? No way. Those are the patients that the cable-based traction/decompression table doctor is thinking about when he looks at the Hill DT table. Ask yourself, “Of the patients that have failed, what is the number one reason the patients stopped treatment?” My experience confirms that.
    Dr Randy Reed – Chiropractic Rehab Specialist

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    Flexion Distraction & Hill DT Decompression?
    The question is often raised, “If I am already doing flexion/distraction or Cox TechniqueTM in my practice, why would I want to add decompression therapy?”

    This is a great question, especially if you are getting excellent outcomes with your difficult disc cases. Clearly research has indicated that flexion/distraction (F/D) can lower inner discal pressure. Lowering inner discal pressure is key to assisting the body in the recovery of acute to chronic discogenic pain and biomechanical dysfunction. This of course has also been well documented with decompression therapy. However, there are some disadvantages to only utilizing F/D technique that may not be immediately realized.

    First, F/D is doctor dependent meaning it is a technique that is applied by the chiropractic doctor. Therefore, it ties up the practitioner for 10-20 minutes or more as he/she is applying this technique. If you have a busy practice or are looking to grow your practice, this approach can impede your ability to serve more people due to the time necessary to perform the treatment. Spinal decompression therapy, on the other hand, can be delegated to a certified staff member or technician. This frees up the doctor to provide higher value services or perform procedures that only the licensed chiropractor can do.

    Second, F/D is technique driven meaning the effectiveness is directly proportional to the proficiency of the provider. Clearly a majority of DCs are practicing this technique but consistency between doctors will likely vary provider to provider. The use of F/D can even vary treatment to treatment as performed by the same provider because each visit is applied manually. In contrast, spinal decompression therapy is not manually applied. The application of force is precisely calibrated. The table provides computer-controlled movement consistently and safely to the patient with each treatment.

    Third, F/D may not address all aspects of the disc disorder as it focuses more on the posterior aspect of the spine. Research has shown that the minimal amount of pressure in the disc is established in the supine position. Being in a prone position is great for posterior conditions such as facet syndrome, posterolateral herniation and certain subluxation complexes, but not all. Spinal decompression can effectively treat all anterior and posterior conditions such as disc herniation including extrusion or protrusion, degenerative discs, facet issues, failed back surgeries and other conditions that have not responded to other conservative treatments.

    In summary, spinal decompression therapy has none of the limitations that F/D may encounter. It is not doctor dependent. It is a consistent, precise, computer-controlled treatment that addresses all aspects of the biomechanical dysfunction that leads to many spinal conditions. The high success rate of the Hill DT has consistently proven it can achieve great outcomes. It easily integrates into any practice and through the training program can be implemented quickly and effectively.

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    ThumbnailNEW HillDT iPad APP! Easily explain the benefits of the HillDT Solutions spinal decompression therapy with our built-in “Introduction to Spinal Decompression Therapy” video, 3D animations of conditions with Whiteboarding. Then, market your decompression services through email and direct links to your Facebook and Twitter followers. There’s simply no better way to advance patients into care [...]

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    Connecting the Dots: Intradiscal Pressure and Inflammation

  • Recently Chiropractic Economics published research titled:

    Measured Success – Evaluating the Effectiveness of Spinal Decompression Therapy.

    Using the Hill decompression table and the therapy protocols being taught by HillDT the favorable patient outcomes exceeded 90%! Click ‘ Here‘ for the full Research Article If you would like to learn how you can get similar results please call [...]

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    We recently met with a HillDT Physician who purchased and was trained on his Hill DT table about a year ago. He presented on his patient – she was having complications related to a discectomy and was in a wheel chair. After 12 DT sessions she was up and walking.
    We are thankful to be able to share the Hill DT technology and teach the protocols to help achieve these life changing results!

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    Non-surgical decompression of the cervical or lumbar disc is an ’event’ not a ’technique’.

    Best Technology = Best Patient Outcomes.

    Coming Soon! New research on the Hill DT to be released by mid-west university documenting superior patient outcomes using the Hill DT Table technology and HillDT Training Advantage.

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    Doctors and Technicians now have the ability to effectively learn On-Line how to
    integrate spinal decompression treatment into their practice with proven
    certification material that will energize, inform and ultimately increase
    patient results and practice income.
    See the complete Press Release Here -

    HillDT Internet Learning Press Release_v3

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    New CA that need decompression training?  How about a new associate?  Would you like a refresher course and make the most of your Hill DT Decompression Table?

    HillDT Solutions offers our Online Training Advantage so you don’t have to travel.  Please see the link below for more information.

    HillDT ILM Training Advantage

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    ThumbnailNew this fall!!

    Neck & Back Pain Seminar Kit – everything you need to host a seminar for new, potential decompression patients.

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    ThumbnailDr. Carl Sotto and staff trained in Grand Rapids, Michigan with Dr. Tim Burkhart Friday, July 25, 2014

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    ThumbnailDr. Tyson Bradford and Staff @ Precision Chiropractic

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    ThumbnailWelcome Dr. Eric Salinas & Dan Mullaney @ Innovative Chiropractic

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    ThumbnailDr. Tom Huang and staff @ Total Solutions Pain & Rehab Center in California

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    A few great results to share. We had a 78 year old man with chronic neck pain. He had limited ability to turn to the left or look up. X-rays revealed severe degenerated discs at C4-5, C5-6, and C6-7. He could not sleep well at night or turn his head well to look when driving. His pain was at a consistent 4/10. After about 10 decompression treatments his pain is to a 1/10. He is sleeping better and has increased neck motion. He stated that this is the best my neck has felt for a long time.
    We also had a 64 year old lady with severe right low back pain (8/10), right leg pain, and numbness in the right foot. The MRI revealed spondylolisthesis at L4, disc degeneration at multiple levels, and spinal stenosis. She is on about visit 15 now and her pain is 1/10 and all of her right leg symptoms have gone away.
    We also have a 44 year old male who injured his back in Feb. of 2012. His pain was 8/10 when he started treatment. He could not stand up straight and had been this way since his injury. He had tried chiropractic treatment, physical therapy (traction), and steroid injections which provided little or no relief. His back index was 62% disability. After 20 sessions of decompression his pain is 3/10 and has back index is 20% disability. He is able to stand up straight and can even bend back in extension with only minimal pain. We hope to get him fully relieved of pain with a few more sessions.
    Thanks for the great table and the great training.

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    ThumbnailWe have a SERVICE & WARRANTY DEPARTMENT now.  Please welcome Sue Yonker, our Client Support Specialist to the HillDT Team.

    You may contact her directly at 616-550-1258 or
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    Welcome Dr. Eric Salinas and Dr. Dan Mullaney from Texas to our team of Decompression Doctors!

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    ThumbnailTo meet the growing demand for the fantastic Hill DT Spinal Decompression Table & our Results Based training we’ve brought Sherry Wood on-board to better serve our current and future clients in N America.

    You can learn more about Sherry and her career accomplishments on LinkedIn  here. 
    She’s kind of a big deal!
    You may contact her directly at 616-350-0122 [...]
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